Authentic images and emotive modern wedding reportage photography

Enthralling images marked by their honesty, genuineness, authenticity and proximity. A lasting story both in hearts and minds; after all, it’s your story. And nothing is closer to us than reality. Not staged for a glossy magazine: only for you! This idea has absolutely gripped me and forms the foundation of how I go about my wedding reportage photography. I’m not a director that fumbles around with the backdrop to make the scenery look like something or other. I don’t have to, as I find everything needed in situ. Love, excitement, happiness, tears of joy! Even after all the years as a wedding photographer, these moving moments both small and big still fascinate me. And when it’s done and dusted and the photographs of the nuptials are complete, the newlyweds can board their time machine and re-live their big day. This makes a perfect day: for you and me alike.

I work in Berlin but undertake assignments across Germany and worldwide too. I have been able to gain a wealth of experience in the course of well over 100 weddings, taking place in a whole host of locations: from Lower Saxony and Brandenburg right through to Italy, Portugal and Switzerland. Whether you’ve got engaged, are planning to elope or gearing up for a ceremony large or small – I can make it to your venue!

I was born in 1979. Having completed high school and my university studies (Cultural Sciences and Sociology), I wound up moving to Leipzig. Later, I was then to pack up again and move to the German capital. I’ve now been working for some years as a freelance wedding photographer in Berlin – and live together with my wonderful (and often very patient) wife and our two small bundles of joy (3 and 6 years old) on the edge of this fabulously vibrant city.

I’m devoted to my family, who are time and again my best advisers with my children providing me with irreverent and honest feedback. However, wedding photography is my passion. I enjoy the exciting moments of every wedding; all the emotions, pomp and circumstance are overwhelming to me. Every face, every tear, every laugh. I would like to experience everything on such days exactly as you do. I don’t intervene and place things in the shot or take them away again. You won’t hear from me anything like “OK, look into the camera and smile”. The authenticity of such a day simply provides the best moments, which cannot be artificially created. I have experience with international couples and destination weddings and can come to anywhere in the world if you so desire. Are you interested? Drop me a line and we can arrange to meet in person for a coffee.