Once in a Lifetime Moments

Authentic images and emotive modern wedding reportage photography


Enthralling images marked by their honesty, genuineness, authenticity and proximity. A lasting story both in hearts and minds; after all, it’s your story. And nothing is closer to us than reality. Not staged for a glossy magazine: only for you! This idea has absolutely gripped me and forms the foundation of how I go about my wedding reportage photography. I’m not a director that fumbles around with the backdrop to make the scenery look like something or other. I don’t have to, as I find everything needed in situ.

Love, excitement, happiness, tears of joy! Even after all the years as a wedding photographer, these moving moments both small and big still fascinate me. And when it’s done and dusted and the photographs of the nuptials are complete, the newlyweds can board their time machine and re-live their big day. This makes a perfect day: for you and me alike.